Ch. 5 Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration

Earthworm Dissection

Virtual Dissection
Virtual Dissection 2

Evolution: Real-time Evolutionary Change

Evolution in the Now: Antibiotic Resistance WebQuest
Using a number of multimedia elements, students will see how disease-causing agents (i.e. bacteria, fungi, and viruses) evolve rapidly and the impact this has on human health. Students will investigate antibiotic resistance in diseases such as MRSA, tuberculosis, and influenza. Students will play the role of public health officials, who must conduct interviews and interpret results to determine the extent of the problem and explain the problem of antibiotic resistance to the public through a PowerPoint presentation.

The Cell Cycle: Mitosis/Meiosis

Alien Abduction Vignette WebQuest
This activity gives students the opportunity to let their creativity shine through visual representations of mitosis and meiosis.

Genetics: The Impact of Genetic Diseases

The Impact of Genetic Diseases WebQuest
At the last doctor’s appointment, a child in your family was diagnosed with a debilitating genetic disease. Genetic diseases are often caused by errors or mutations in DNA, making it difficult to cure to the disease. As a result, only the symptoms can be treated. Your family physician will work with your family to help you better understand the disease and choose a method of care. Together, you will research the disease, focusing on the hereditary link, symptoms of the disease, and the impact this disease will have on the affected child and the family as a whole. Using the information you gather, you will write journal entries and present a mini-lesson to the class.


How Clean Are Your Hands?
This activity allows students to examine the amount and kinds of microorganisms growing on their hands.